Comentários na Net: Rogue One

O segundo trailer de Rogue One: A Star Wars Story chegou ao YouTube e a Internet não desiludiu. Deixamos aqui um pouco do sexismo, da idiotice e daquele je ne sais quoi que só a combinação da Internet e a inutilidade humana é capaz.

Manuel Núñez
Another Death Star? I’m out!

Kitty Darkness
It isn’t a new Death Star, it’s the original one. Don’t you see Darth Vader is clearly still alive in this trailer?

Does every Star Wars movie now have to have a woman as the main character.

Please keep your homo-erotic fantasies of an all-male cast to yourself, kind sir. I don’t wish to hear it.

Jeremy calhoun
Why isn’t the lead a transgender black female muslim atheist?!?

Peter M
With autism

Dank McMemes
What?! That’s like the third Death Star. When are they going to realize those things don’t work.

This is a prequel, that’s the first one still getting built.

Hope this one isn’t more feminist propaganda (it will be). I’ll see it for Donnie Yen because he’s the BEST!

His character dies.

Kevin Dyer
Still noticing a distinct lack of Bothans in this film…

Wrong Death Star.

Kat Karsecs
Oh god, not another “Oop there’s a giant Death Star ONCE AGAIN”

Chad Awesome
OH COME ON! This is the 9th time I’ve seen a comment where the person thinks this is the 3rd freakin’ Death Star.

حمد الغامدي‬‎
I hate Star Wars

Nino Suska
Then what the hell are you doing here? Get out now!


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